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Police say the attacker at the time was a white male, age 35 to 45 with a medium build. The attacker was about 5-feet-10-inches to 6-feet tall with light to medium brown hair.

The attacker might have been wearing a flannel or striped shirt and bluejeans at the time of Reynolds' abduction, and may have had access to a small, dark-colored pickup truck, police say.

Between the years of 1996-2014, an unusually high number of women have fallen victim to disappearances and murders along the Route 29 corridor in Virginia.   

Witnesses came forward with stories of a man urging women to pull over to the side of the road stating car trouble….. This man would call himself.. “LARRY BREEDEN”...  and earned the title ...Route 29 Stalker.

The first reported case of the Route 29 Stalkers reign of terror began in March 1996.. Alicia Showalter Reynolds said goodbye to her husband in Baltimore Maryland and left to drive to Charlottesville, Va to see her mother.   She left early.. So she could meet her mother by 10:30am. .. She never arrived. Her car was found abandoned that same day on the shoulder of Route 29...and her remains were found 2 months later of the same year only 15 miles away.   

Detectives have received more than 10,000 leads in this case and to this day no one has ever been convicted for her murder…

Anyone with information about Reynolds’ death or the 29 Stalker is asked to call Virginia State Police at 540/829-7400 or by email at